Daily Specials
For ordering information contact [email protected] or 713.228.8228
  • Treebeards Lunch Card $10 - $100

    Select the amount you want on this plastic card, from $10 to $100. The card can also be returned to have more added later.

    Card is credit-card size and made of durable plastic.

  • Treebeards Cookbook

    Now in its 12th printing, the Treebeards Cookbook is packed with recipes. Get one for yourself or give it to a friend for great Southern cooking.

    Order copies for yourself and/or friends today!

  • Cookbook in Seasonal Wrapping

    When you don't have time to wrap it yourself, we offer our cookbook in seasonal wrapping and ready to send to your friends and family.

  • Treebeards Hot Sauce

    Liven up any dish and turn on the heat with Treebeards very own hot sauce.

  • Treebeards Red Beans Seasoning

    Take that same great flavor home that you can get in our restaurants!

  • Red Beans & Rice Gift Basket

    A special gift for friends or family, Treebeards' Gift Basket adds a little flavor to any occasion. Inside is everything needed to make our signature red beans and rice: red beans seasoning (with cooking instructions), red beans, white rice, and Treebeards hot sauce.

  • Treebeards Chili Seasoning

    Take that same great flavor home that you can get in our restaurants!

  • Treebeards Tshirt

    Treebeards short-sleeve Tshirts are available in indigo, blue dust, charcoal, and white.  The logo is on the back of the shirt.

    Sizes available are S, M, L, XL, and 2X.

    Treebeards long-sleeve Tshirt is only available in charcoal for $2.00 more per shirt.

    Please call to order Tshirts for size and color availability.  713.225.2160

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